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It’s your BIRTHRIGHT to fully give your PASSION & PURPOSE to the Planet…What’s STOPPING you?

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– No one has ever lived who is just like you

– Not the exact makeup of DNA

– Not the same ancestral background

– Only YOU have your exact special combination of talents, skills and experiences.

– No one else can do exactly what you can in the way that you can be it.

– You are so desperately needed.


These were thoughts that used to go through my head…Can you relate?

I know there is something BIG only I can do. What is it?

This doesn’t feel like MY life. What happened?

I keep trying but the same old patterns keep repeating.


Ohh! If you only knew the dark thoughts that go through my mind:

I’m not good enough.

If I change and do what my heart is calling me to do, will my family still love me?

Will I be safe?

I AM doing it, but I am so overwhelmed I can hardly keep my head above water.

I hurt for the planet and I find it hard to live.

My family is depending on me, I have go to work. I can’t make enough money.

These are just a few of the questions my clients are resolving.

I’ve been on a journey to heal myself for the last 4 decades. Now I live my life in pleasure and synchronicity. I am committed to supporting you to  have it too!


Through my own birth experiences and over 2 decades guiding couples to prepare for a peaceful, empowering birth,

I know without a shadow of doubt that each one of us comes into this life with a Divine Purpose that only we can do. What we learn from our conception, womb-time, birth and early childhood years, especially the pre-verbal time create the memories in our brain and body that are the driving force through which our life manifests.

So, when life isn’t going well in the present, having the opportunity to access those early experiences and healing them is the KEY to freeing yourself to create what you want to happen.

We are living at a magnificent time of evolution on the planet. 

Many, many lightworkers have agreed to incarnate now to end lineage patterns. Many of my clients discover the power and ability to end ancestral patterns such as:  sexual abuse, addiction, co-dependency, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, enslavement, arthritis, cancer, imbalance between the masculine and feminine to name a few.

The Native American grandmothers tell us that when heal ourselves, we heal the 7 generations before us and the 7 generations after us.  That is yourself, your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother to 5 greats back and your daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter to 5 greats forward.  That’s 15 generations healed.


Are you ready?

FREE Soul Breakthrough Session!

Discover your #1 block to birthing the next evolution of your business





Click Below to get a

FREE 30-minute

Soul Breakthrough Session

Here’s what alumni are saying about Fulfill Your Divine Purpose:


I met Cori Nielson at a job fair at Joliet Junior College around 2002. She and another woman had a booth showcasing Reiki. I was drawn to her energy and intrigued by this healing modality. She offered me 15 minutes of reiki and I tell you what…I was hooked !! I had never experienced that level of inner peace. I needed to know everything about reiki and explored more.

Fast forward several years,  I am now a Reiki Master Teacher as well as trained in Sacred Childbirth with Reiki under Cori’s direction. What a blessing she has been to my personal healing and growth !!

She contacted me in September of 2018 regarding her new program.Cori was so excited about the results and asked me if I was interested. I have to admit that in the back of my mind I was worried about the cost. As I listened intently I was all set to pray for 24 hours and then give her a decision. But my higher self chimed in and said “okay…let’s do it” Yikes…what did I do…lol.  Trust me when I say that my ego tried 9 million ways to get out of it. When the contract was sent to me , I immediately signed it and committed to the journey

We scheduled 6 sessions. Two of the session were done at Cori’s home and the other 4 were over the phone. I want to tell you that the timing was perfect!

I had just quit my full time corporate job to pursue my healing business full time.i was struggling with money, fear, self confidence and several core wounds I was still carrying around.

As a result of doing Fulfill Your Divine Purpose,  Cori was able to help me restore my confidence to lead a life filled with authenticity and integrity! She helped me shatter blockages to allow the sweet salve of grace to heal my wounds allowing forgiveness to come it and restore balance. My healing gifts have expanded on this new solid foundation. My client base has increased due to my being able to share my story. I found the FLOW (Fulfilled – Loving- Open- Whole)

I encourage you to join Fulfill Your Divine Purpose…listen to your inner voice….have the courage to choose your higher self..  push past the fear and finally TRUST…believe in the miracle ❤

Light and Love,

Ann Marie

Cori Nielsen, the originator of Fulfill Your Divine Purpose™, is a Spiritual Midwife. She has a BS in Bilingual Education, a Master of Divinity degree, is an award-winning public speaker, and a Reiki Master Teacher with 40 years of teaching and healing experience. For over 20 years she has been empowering clients to heal their births. Cori is committed to helping her clients clarify their soul-purpose, break free of limiting beliefs, get out of overwhelm, and heal their past so that they can re-plug into creative flow and the next evolution of their reason for living on the planet.  Her clients say they have MORE:  energy, time, money, fun and feel deep joy because they are living their dream.