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Amy Lyn Widmer
Practitioner Name
Business Name
Lightpath Wellness, LLC
Short Business Description
Amy Lyn Widmer is a lover of our Highest Potential. Over the last 25 years, she has been on a mission to dig deep into unanswered questions about health and well-being. Results from a childhood surgery and long-term prescribed antibiotics left her with challenges that were not solved or answered by mainstream medicine or media. This resulted in taking matters into her own hands. Over two decades of determined wellness research, life experience, and detoxification training brought her to a place of realizing that EVERY aspect of our lives is affected by what we put into our bodies and the deep-seated emotional roots that are often attached. Amy has a life-long determination to assist in revealing the reality of our Highest Potential by removing obstructions including Trauma within the body and emotions and leaving a clear pathway for flow and abundance in every area of our lives.
Services Offered

20-30 min Emotional Clearing Remote or in-person
Sacred Childbirth w/Reiki for clearing sexual and birth trauma for parents and children Remote or in-person
Congruence sessions especially as it pertains to Abundance and Manifesting Remote or in-person
Network Marketing Business Training with doTERRA, Blue Diamond Leader
Cellular Detoxification Coaching

Business Phone Number
+1 304.904.6621
Business Address
St Petersburg, FL USA