Cori Nielsen, MDiv, Reiki Master Teacher, Originator Sacred Childbirth with Reiki
Address: Remote Appoints by phone or computer.
210 E. Woodlawn Road, New Lenox, IL 60451
Business Name: Sacred Birth and Rebirth
Short Business Description: Childbirth is a sacred rite of passage for mother, baby, and family. Each of us has a unique Divine Purpose. What we learn about ourselves and life during our conception, womb-time, birth and early childhood creates the patterns in our brain and body that are the driving force through which our life manifests. As a parent wanting to avoid unnecessary interventions, it is essential to prepare for your birth. Sacred Childbirth with Reiki supports you to heal your fears and trauma and prepares your body for birth. As a post-birth mother the birth trauma you experienced creates chronic stress and robs you of your vital energy. SCR has helped 1000's of women find peace, empowerment, and vitality by healing their birth-related stories. As an adult, healing and reprogramming your conscious and subconscious memories is KEY to freeing yourself to create the next greatest version of you. Many, many Lightworkers agreed to incarnate into difficult family situations to heal and end unhealthy lineage patterns. Are you ready? Fulfill Your Divine Purpose does just that with remarkable results in as little as 3 months. Check out the website to see what others are saying.
Services Offered:

Fulfill Your Divine Purpose Rebirthing Program - Remote and In-Person
Heal Your Birth Stories for Post-birth Women - Remote and In-Person
Sacred Childbirth with Reiki Master Teacher
Sacred Childbirth with Reiki Practitioner
Spiritual Midwife Remote and In-Person
Reiki Master Teacher
Minister - Weddings & Baptism

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 815-325-0353
Deborah Strafuss, RMT
Address: 8 Parkridge Road, Wayland, MA
Business Name: Crystal Reiki
Short Business Description: Crystal Reiki is a single-owner, professional Reiki Practice providing holistic and self-healing services in the Boston Metro West area. Deborah is committed to offering Reiki to benefit the health and wellness of her clients and for the spiritual and physical health and well-being of our planet and peoples.
Services Offered:

Offering Traditional Usui Reiki sessions, Sacred Childbirth with Reiki programs, Crystal work and Angel readings, Deborah focuses on traditional Reiki practice as the foundational offering of her healing practice. She offers Reiki training, Reiki for homes and businesses, Reiki for animals and families, Reiki for those with Dementia, cancer and trauma as well as for personal wellness and spiritual growth. A trained speaker and presenter, Deborah offers educational Reiki Workshops for businesses and organizations.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 508-353-5136
Tina Ritchie, Empathic Reiki Master Teacher
Address: 5955 West Main St.
Kalamazoo MI
Business Name: Sacred Heart Serenity
Short Business Description: Sacred Heart Serenity evolved into existence to offer a space of joy, peace and wholeness. A sacred spiritual space that is safe and infused with the energies of love. To the individual, who arrives here, you will be reminded of your birth right... you are empowered with knowing yourself best and you are charged through the power of your soul to be the responsible voice and action of your own health and well-being. Choices matter. Words matter. You matter.

be present. speak from your heart.
Services Offered:

30, 60 & 90min Reiki Sessions. All ages welcome.

Business Website Address: SacredHeartSerenity
Business Phone Number: 269-779-4808
Sanctuary supports individuals in establishing and maintaining a state of well-being through Reiki, recognizing the relationship of the Mind/Body/Emotion and Spirit to strive for balance of all three.
Address: 417 W. Madison St. Suite 20 & 21
Ottawa, IL.
Business Name: Sanctuary Reiki Center
Short Business Description: Sanctuary- A Reiki Healing Center supports individuals in establishing and maintaining a state of well-being through reiki, recognizing the relationship of the Mind/Body/Emotion and Spirit to strive for balance of all three.
Services Offered:

Sacred Childbirth with Reiki
Life Coach
Energy Tune Up
Angel Guided Oracle Card Reading

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 815-325-9123
Amy Lyn Widmer
Address: St Petersburg, FL USA
Business Name: Lightpath Wellness, LLC
Short Business Description: Amy Lyn Widmer is a lover of our Highest Potential. Over the last 25 years, she has been on a mission to dig deep into unanswered questions about health and well-being. Results from a childhood surgery and long-term prescribed antibiotics left her with challenges that were not solved or answered by mainstream medicine or media. This resulted in taking matters into her own hands. Over two decades of determined wellness research, life experience, and detoxification training brought her to a place of realizing that EVERY aspect of our lives is affected by what we put into our bodies and the deep-seated emotional roots that are often attached. Amy has a life-long determination to assist in revealing the reality of our Highest Potential by removing obstructions including Trauma within the body and emotions and leaving a clear pathway for flow and abundance in every area of our lives.
Services Offered:

20-30 min Emotional Clearing Remote or in-person
Sacred Childbirth w/Reiki for clearing sexual and birth trauma for parents and children Remote or in-person
Congruence sessions especially as it pertains to Abundance and Manifesting Remote or in-person
Network Marketing Business Training with doTERRA, Blue Diamond Leader
Cellular Detoxification Coaching

Business Phone Number: +1 304.904.6621